A downloadable game for Windows


Try to avoid, dodge, collect and use them for your score.
In different colours, sizes, behaviours & more in To A Billion.
Small enough to get space on each hard disk at home, work, school?

                         1. No costs
                         2. No advertisement
                         3. No complex installation
                         4. A small size for a small game

So why would't you want to try it out?
Download below

* To a billion *
This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam 42
Theme of the Game Jam:Time travel
Made by:me :)

* Controls *
W/A/S/D | Arrowkeys - moving
F1/F2 - Showing frames/coordinates
T - Time travel

* Feedback & ideas *
This game has the possibility to tweak and generate a lot,
so feel free to give feedback of anything you want. I won't judge ;)
I appreciate each buff/debuff/enemy etc. idea!
So tell me any game features you want.
In return I will add your name as creator of your feature.
If you are interested, then check my Dev.-log "Game features" below the download.

Install instructions

You may need to install a directX version if you haven't already.
But most people should have it so don't worry.


To A Billion 620 kB

Development log